We have eight locations to serve you in
Dillon, Helena, Kalispell, Great Falls and Deer Lodge

Philosophy Statement

We believe that one of the most noble and satisfying ways to spend a life is working closely with other human beings.    We believe that all people have worth and should be treated with respect and graciousness particularly those who are vulnerable and have special challenges whether mental, emotional or physical.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality care to the Elderly, those who need assistance and suffer from the effects of aging and particularly those who suffer from memory loss and Alzheimer/Dementia.  It is our responsibility to do those things which promote and enhance our Resident’s Dignity, Independence, individuality, and choice in a safe and secure home-like environment while striving to help residents maximize their potential.

We believe in and promote Activity Focused Care and Support.  Activity is a basic structure surrounding residents and their caregivers in all daily life tasks. Activity-focused support understands and honors all that involves the resident as a meaningful activity. A nurturing and supportive care environment that promotes the concept of the Resident’s current and potential abilities versus what they cannot currently do is the goal of Renaissance.

We believe that the true definition of service is doing for others what they cannot possibly do for themselves.   While we at Renaissance Senior Care are compensated for the service we provide to the residents in our care and keeping, this does not diminish the value of the work that we do.  We have the opportunity of working with a special group of people.  We believe this is a great privilege and also a great responsibility.

Everyday we challenge all at Renaissance Senior Care to be able to answer in the affirmative our “Question of Excellence”.    “Have I contributed excellence in the Care of Renaissance Residents, in the Treatment of my fellow Employees and to the Health of the Company”.  

Resident Care Services

When someone you love suffers from the effects of aging, including memory challenges, of course you want to take care of them. But at some point, their needs become greater than you can manage by yourself.

Renaissance is here for you!

We provide a comfortable, caring, home-like setting, that is designed for the special needs of aging seniors. These services include:

  • Specially selected & trained staff to supervise all activities 24 hours a day:  to ease any safety concerns
  • Three home-cooked, dietitian designed meals, served daily; you'll know your loved on is eating right
  • Assistance with personal needs including, bathing, grooming and dressing; we promote individual dignity and respect
  • House keeping & personal laundry services; assuring you that your loved one is always looking & feeling great


  • Daily activities programs & supervised social events; taking in mind each person's needs & preferences
  • Opportunities for companionship; no need to worry about being alone or isolated
  • Nursing oversight & assessments; be assured that your loved one's health is being closely monitored
  • Medication assistance & incontinence management; relieving concerns with these important areas of care
  • Fenced outdoor area with gardens and patios; providing opportunities to be outside safely
  • Secure, safe setting; your loved one can bring in their own furnishings, or use ours
  • *Small home setting, that also offers adult daycare and short-term stays; were everyone is cared for and known individually

Resident Centered Activities

Each Renaissance Senior Care home develops and implements social and recreational activities that are based upon individual and group interests, that create opportunities for active participation in the community at large; encourage and promote individual resident centered support to maintain and develop their highest potential quality of life.

These activities provide opportunities for:

  • Socialization, through group discussions, conversation, recreation, arts and crafts, and music
  • Participation in activities of daily living to foster and help maintain resident centered, independent functioning.  These activities may include personal hygiene, cooking, laundry, and cleaning if desired
  • Physical activities such as games, sports, and appropriate exercises, that develop and maintain strength, coordination, and range of motion
  • Resident needs focused activities planning.  Input regarding resident activities is sought from the residents, their families or responsible parties, and their health care service providers, as well as from the staff.

The activities will be:

  • Planned, maintained and posted on a monthly activities calendar
  • There will be activities scheduled at least three times a week that cover physical       movement and mental stimulation
  • When weather permits, the home will have activities that encourage the residents to be outside
  • Designed to utilize community resources to promote resident participation in activities both in and away from the facility

Special Features of Our Homes

Each Renaissance Senior Care home is designed to accommodate the unique needs of our elderly residents, including those that are challenged with memory concerns, Alzheimer's, or other forms of dementia.

These features include:

  • Home-style setting where each resident can decorate their rooms with their own furnishings, or use ours; this aids each resident in being comfortable.
  • Easily accessible restrooms and shower area, with supports and special assistance aids; to assist in being secure and safe.
  • Wide hallways and passage ways that include color coordinated hand rails, and ample lighting; for ease of moving through the home.
  • Call systems that can be used to alert our associates that special attention is needed; assuring the residents that they are not alone.
  • Each home is equipped with security, smoke and fire alert systems; designed to alleviate concerns of safety.
  • Complete laundry facilities; allowing your loved one's linens and clothing to be ready when needed.
  • Fenced Outdoor areas with gardens, patios and walking paths; this encourages each resident to go outside, if desired, safely.
  • All of our lighting, colors and fabric patterns are designed with the special needs of the elderly addressed.
  • Our kitchens provide home-style cooking and are used to prepare all meals; allowing the wonderful scents to stimulate a healthy appetite.
  • Great rooms (living rooms) to provide opportunities to socialize, meet friends or family, participate in activities, and take part in presentations and events.

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